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Proudly presented by Defiance Gallery

Janik Bouchette / Michael Buzacott / Paul Hopmeier / Jan King / Brian Koerber / Ian McKay / Kevin Norton / Campbell Robertson-Swann / James Rogers / Paul Selwood / Harvey Shields / Michael Snape / Dave Teer / David Wilson

Sydney Sculpture brings together works by leading Sydney sculptors working in steel. This exhibition is about both the diversity of the medium and the individual language of each artist, and also the shared history of the artists and the things that bind them. The exhibition explores works in the context of the global art world – how Sydney sculptors were part of and responded to global trends. Many Australian sculptors travelled overseas to assist Henry Moore and Anthony Caro, and the knowledge they gained was disseminated throughout their networks to their friends, fellow students and peers at East Sydney Tech. Further knowledge was gained at the New York Sculpture School and Triangle Workshop, NY, and the influence of Ian Mckay was strongly felt by many of these artists. 

In this exhibition each artist will present two works – a life size free-standing piece and a smaller plinth work. In bringing these works together we would like to demonstrate the continuous work and commitment these artists have made since they were students to the present day and to celebrate the strong, diverse, exceptionally talented group of sculptors that exists in Sydney.  

Earlier Event: August 3